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Specialized for your entire journey from pregnancy through postpartum, Shauna is your best ally to nourish you and your growing family by supporting you through home-cooked meals, childbirth education, community gatherings and doula services.


How Shauna can support your journey

Mother Support

Postpartum Coaching

Your postpartum does not stop at 40 days or after 6 weeks. You deserve to be cared for long after your little one arrives. Let's continue our time together while you settle into this new chapter. I will be there for you to hold space and give you what you need while you find yourself as a new mother or mother again. Infant feeding support, emotional wellbeing, becoming active again and everything in between are up for discussion in each call.

Private Chef

I understand the vital role of nourishment during pregnancy and postpartum. Nutrient-dense foods are my foundation, promoting healthy recovery, a strong body, and a clear mind. Beyond this, my culinary expertise extends to versatile catering services perfect for retreats, special events, or a cozy dining experience at home.

I will deliver evidence-based guidance on vital topics such as infant care, recovery, bonding, and feeding. Extensive research underscores the value of robust support for families during the transition to parenthood. Tailoring my support to your unique needs, whether you're a first-time parent or not, I am committed to nurturing your physical, emotional, and mental well-being, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable journey into parenthood.

drawing of a baby with a passafire holding her foot

Postpartum dou a


Education & Classes

As a certified Lamaze instructor, I can help you navigate childbirth and ensure a smooth postpartum experience. My classes and consultations will empower you with knowledge about labor, delivery, and creating a birth plan, while also guiding you through postpartum planning. This comprehensive approach ensures you feel confident and supported throughout your entire journey into parenthood.



How can we work together?

Investing in support for yourself and your growing family is the best gift you can receive. No matter where you are on your journey through pregnancy or postpartum, I have a way to support you. Check out all my offerings and let’s chat about the best way that I can support you.

When should I start working with you?


I love connecting with you as early as possible in your journey so that you can have access to support for all the new feelings that will arise. Starting a childbirth education class early on is helpful to understand what may come up in pregnancy and give you the most time to consider all your options from where to give birth to how you feel about your birth plan. As you move through pregnancy, we can meet to create your birth plan and your postpartum plan as well as refresh on laboring positions and comfort measures. 

You can enjoy my meals at any point in pregnancy and they are most helpful when you are a few weeks from your due date all the way into your postpartum.

Classes & Education

I already took a crash course online for birth, do I still need your class?

I love to encourage families to get information from at least a few different resources. This helps you get different perspectives and a way to understand information differently. The benefits to my childbirth class are community building and in person tailored support. In my group classes, you will be connected with your community both through the resources I share with you and through the other people who attend the class. I also tailor my class to whoever is present so you get individualized support and we can take the topics of class in a direction that is most helpful to you. 

Meals & Ordering

When should I order?

Everyone has different needs so we will discuss your specific needs during a discovery call. I recommend that you start to receive meals around your 40 week mark of pregnancy so that you are prepared with your first meals no matter when your little one comes. As a doula, I understand that babies work on their own timeline so I stay flexible to your desires for your first delivery. Having your fridge and/or freezer stocked with nourishment for the first few weeks of parenthood is invaluable to your recovery and wellbeing.

How much should I order?

I offer a package that will help to nourish you for 3-4 days. Your package includes (2) entree type meals, (1) breakfast item, (2) snacks and (1) drink. All items come with 4 servings that are individually packed for your convenience. Snacks are portioned into one box and can be easily popped into the fridge or freezer for an easy handheld snack at any time. Entree items are typically a soup or stew to help warm you up from the inside out. Breakfast items are typically a traditionally sweet or savory congee, slow cooked grain like oats or baked item like slow roasted granola or my slightly sweet goji berry scones. Drinks are typically a homemade bone broth or fresh pressed spiced nut milk.

More Questions?



Jenna W

Because my baby came early, I wasn’t able to prep the freezer meals I thought I would. I was stressed when I came home because I knew how important it was to eat well for my recovery and for my little man. Ordering meals from you was so easy and you were so quick to respond and deliver! I still dream about the lamb curry and the ...

Meghan G

Loved your food! It was so hearty and flavorful! I truly think it helped my body heal and my milk supply come in so strong! It allowed my husband to be able to easily feed me so he could focus on the house hold duties. I can’t wait to utilize your food services again!


My husband I and I took a five week birthing class course from Shauna with another couple who is due very closely to us. Shauna was kind, supportive, and relatable from the moment we met her. The information she gave us was educational and robust and we feel so much more prepared going into our birthing and ...

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